“Peter"Peter Wolff – Founder and Creative Director

Who am I? I am passionate to the core about creativity and somewhat of a perfectionist. This can of course be a conundrum because is there such a thing as perfection in creativity? There has not been a time in my life when “design and creativity” was not at the top of my mind. It’s been crucial in shaping my life since year dot, my career since 1986 (two years prior studying retail management with Woolworths) and my business since 1994.

My career has lead me to work creatively and strategically with some of the largest of multinationals; companies like Pepsi, Tooheys, Fosters, LG, Sony, Microsoft and Whitewings through to the smallest of start-up companies. I love working with them all and am passionate about their goals.

Over the past 24 years as Wolff I have learnt to understand what goes unwritten in briefs and what makes a good strategic piece of communication across multitudes of touch points from print to digital.

And what would we do without technology huh? We love and use it every day and help our clients integrate and utilise it. It has actually become the very core of our strategies for more than 10 years now.

All this creativity going around in your head can send you insane, so I need an outlet and for me that outlet is sport, surfing and skiing preferably …it’s freedom to express yourself in line with nature. Nothing better.

There are 2 things in business for me…first and foremost, love what you do and do what you love.

Second, build a team around you that are talented, passionate and have the same principles and ethics.

Mandy van Kaathoven – Project Manager
Over 13 years in the industry, Mandy is responsible for managing the clients and our team to ensure that the project is accurately scoped and completed in a timely manner. With a great deal of experience in taking your project through the complete design and development process, she is there to answer any questions and adds value to your project along the way.
Oh and add a huge laugh and a nice Shiraz will always help the process.


Michelle Pecar – Art Director

With over 11 years experience, Mish brings a broad knowledge of creative problem solving having designed highly conceptual executions for some great organisations with local, national and global scale. Mish has developed global launch campaigns as well as small business branding and everything in between all in the pursuit of creating successful campaigns where strategy and concept connect and come to life in a visually compelling way.

Temperature seems to be no barrier to a good knitted beanie in Mishs day!


Billie Ristoski – Operations Manager
Billie draws from over 20 years experience managing large sales teams and business operations/processes. With a strong focus on building business, Billie understands your company needs and business solutions from developing salesforce, CRM, customer satisfaction, marketing direction and team culture.
Everyone needs a Billie in their business!


Raj El-Ali – SEO specialist and owner of WebEagles

Raj works closely with us and most of our clients from end-to-end to develop a customised SEO digital strategy which includes SEO, conversion optimisation, pay-per-click advertising management and the integration of complex social media campaigns. He has years of experience working with Australia’s most successful brands to deliver real, measurable results across all aspects of online marketing.

Raj loves a challenge and obviously so does his Jiu Jitsu Sensei.


Mahesh P Satheesh – Software engineer and web developer

Mahesh is an accomplished software engineer with an extensive background in the full life cycle of the web development process. He has a proven track record of designing and implementing flexible application architecture which supports frequent UI and functionality changes and easy maintenance.

It’s always the quite ones.  Mahesh firmly believe his positive vibe and technical prowess will do wonders to those around him.


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