Wolff has been working with TAFE NSW on the TAFEClips project for 3 years. TAFEClips is a mini “Tropfest” for TAFE students, where they are asked to produce a short video based on a theme and submit it to TAFE with a range of prizes available.

Wolff’s involvement in previous years has ensured that TAFE’s set goals have been wildly exceeded. Expertise and knowledge has been gained as to how to continuously improve the student engagement offering with TAFEClips through round table reviews of the previous years websites and functionalities.

A clear understanding of what worked and what didn’t has allowed the implementation of this project to move to a higher level every year.

As a result of the work done for TAFEClips on the demonstration infographic video/animation, Wolff have been commissioned to develop another video/animation for their Study Abroad product to be used by international agents to attract students to study in Australia.

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