SEO How To Guide

Google has been hard at work on its search algorithm…real cat amongst the SEO pigeons. Google started rolling out ‘Semantic Search’ back in May this year and the changes have kept coming. The idea behind ‘the Knowledge Graph’ is for search engines to think more like a human… Google “understands real-world entities and their relationship to one another: things, not strings.”

Personally I’m delighted with the changes…no more key word stuffing more dodgy backlinks…no more people telling me ‘I can get a million (useless/irrelevant) links in some exotic backwater for next to nothing.’

It’s not hard to understand why many businesses get frustrated with search engine optimization. It’s a blend of art, science and technology and to many firms a daunting task.  A Californian mate of mine, Lee Traupel of the Linkedmedia Group put this useful SEO How To Guide together that will give you a good snapshot of basic search engine optimization processes.

1) Remember search engines rank web sites not just pages. You want to think and act holistically – meaning, deploy a search engine optimization strategy that is integrated across your entire site. This may sound simple …

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